We will have a display of about 45 tractors which will be from 1918 to 1984 of all makes and from 20 HP to 335 HP. The tractors will also do a ring parade with a commentary however if you miss this I am sure the owners will be please to talk to you about their tractor history and restoration. We will have a display of Barn engines that were common place on most farms before electricity can to rural areas. The duties they carried out was to drive dynamo’s to make electricity, drive mills to grind cattle and sheep food and pump water for household use and livestock.

Engines were also used for sheep shearing machines. Most engines were petrol in 11/2 to 4HP range then the larger ones were oil engines.

Please feel free to have a chat with the owners, they will tell you how they came across these wonderful pieces of engineering of the past and all about their restoration.

I hope you enjoy the display.

Title Christian Name Surname Peg Make Year Serial No Description
Mr Nick Smith 1 Fordson 1918 This tractor was built in February 1918 in America and was one of 2000 sent to Britain to help farmers produce more food during the war. The Fordson F was the worlds first mass produced tractor.
Mr Peter Webb 2 Dobbs 1922 Norfolk Harvest Wagon in varnished woodwork
Mr Rick Pavitt 3 Case C 1937 Purchase at Chiffins Sales about 10 years ago
Mr Smith 4 Case C 1937 Sold new to Mr Osborn, New House Farm, Leaden Roding. Purchased and restored in the 1980’s by the late Norman Wasteney
Mr Martin Sweeting 5 Fordson N 1938 1938 Fordson N with a Perkins P6 diesel fitted used for ploughing matches
Mr David Martin 6 Oliver 80 1940 EN..808219Kd Bought from farm in Hampshire 2017. Used to work in Norfolk. Repaired, got running been out ploughing with it.
Mr David Wall 7 John Deere ‘B’ 1941 JNO 998 Purchased as a kit of parts and rebuilt over 6 months. It was supplied under the wartime lend/lease scheme to Holly Lodge Farm. Moved to the Rochford area in late 70’s. It is a rowcrop tractor.The vee front wheel share the weight to reduce soil compaction and run in between the crops
Mr George Paterson 8 Fordson Standard N 1941 Wartime green so that it couldn’t be spotted from the air. Land army girls would drive this machine
Mr Gary Moores 9 Farmall A 1941 FAA70746 1941 Farmall A petrol and with factory fitted electrcal start. Restored.
Mr James Huxter 10 CAT D2 1942 This has been on the same farm from new so current owner is the 2nd
Mr Brian Gilbey 11 Fordson Standard N 1942 T19 203R Fordson standard N on stell spade lugs. First sold by Darby of Wickford. Runs on petrol/parafin. Spent it’s working life around Hullbridge
Mr Jed Wells 12 Fordson E27N 1947 DRX 713 Fordson Major E27N. Petrol. Fitted with Darlington winch. Used for forestry work.
Mr A. J. Giblin 13 Massey-Harris 744PD 1948 OPU 374 This tractor was purchased in 1973 lying derelict in a stackyard at Cuffley, Herts. It is the 27th of these to be made. It was made in Canada except the engine as they all have Perkins P6 45 h.p. engines – these were fitted in Machester.
Mr Gavin Martin 14 Ferguson TEA 1948 HCE811 I have owned the Ferguson since July 1989 it had spent its life around the great Hellisbury area and it is now used for grass cutting, hole boring, ploughing, cultivating on our small holding.
Mr George Paterson 15 Fordson TEF 1952 Diesel. Spent majority of its life on a farm in Fordham. Bought by myself in 2018
Mr A. J. Giblin 16 Fordson Major E27N P6 1951 AFL 950 This tractor was made at Fords Dagenham factory on 8/7/51 and fitted with a Perkins P6 engine on the assembly line. It is 45 h.p. has 3 forward gears and 1 reverse and has hydraulics.
Mr Barry Halls 17 Ferguson Ted20 1952 ONG361 Spent it’s working life on Sandringham Estate. The tractor is fitted with a lighting kit and Howard reduction gear box. I am the second owner.
Mr Alexander Lake 18 Fordson 1952 BPV 144 Built in October 1952. 1st registered in March 1953. Been in my family for 3 generations. Used each year to drill, spray, fertilise and load muck up to the year 2000. Totally original with all documents and handbook
Mr Jimmy Waters 19 Ferguson 1952 LRM180 Tractor has worked in many counties from Cumbria to Lincoln & Cambridge. It has been in my ownership for the past 14 years.
Mr Chris Rush 20 Ferguson TEF 20 1955 382CNOTEF424607 Acquired in 2016 and completely rebuilt. Has a rare Ferguson gearbox with live PTO hydraulics, 3-1 reduction. It put 4.75 inches on the length of the tractor
David Robarts 21 David Brown 1955 980UXC RAF tug tractor, later civilian airport tug.
Mr Alex Lyon 22 Fordson Major 1955 229 DVX Tractor has been in Essex all it’s life. I am the 2nd owner having bought this last year.
Mr Eric Smith 23 Ferguson The Best 1955 TSU 848 Fitted with V8 Rover engine
Mr Graham Lowden 24 AU15 Chalmers D270 1957 YAH 220 Tractor spent working time on Fonland Farm hoeing sugarbeet, only produced for 2 years between 1957 and 1959 superceeded by tag D272
Mr Dudley Calver 25 Ferguson 35 1957 MAS 995
Mr Ian Emery 26 Fordson P Major 1958 369 HPA The power major was the first Fordson tractor to break the 50 hp barrier with the shortest run of all the Dagengham built Fordsons from 1957 to the last one off the production line in 1960. The Power Majors greatest claim to fame is that it was used to make the first commercially available dual – drive tractor the forerunner to Does Triple D
Mr Robin Clements 27 Fordson Dexter 1959 25772 Tractor bought in restored condition October 2018 from Sible Hedingham
Mr R Cooper 28 Man 1958 720UYW 4 stroke 2 cylinders, appox 30 HP (20kw) it was put into an auction in 1960 near Preston, how it got there is unknown.
Mr Ian Giblin 29 Fordson Power Major 1958 The Power Major was introduced in 1958 with a 52 HP 4 cylinder engine. This example was supplied new by Ernest Doe and Sons and has been used on local Essex farms all it’s working life. It has been recently acquired and has undergone some final restoration work to finish the tractor off. This is a very original 1958 example.
Mr R Cooper 30 Man 1958 492UYX 2 cylinder. 4 stroke. 20 HP. 2000 produced
Mr Alex Lyon 31 Fordson Super Major 1963 523WOO Still in its original condition
Mr Paul King 32 Massey Ferguson 35 1959 VAS 648
Mr Eddie Wharton 33 Massey Ferguson 65 1959 2521AC Onwed by E Wharton over 20 years. Had a respray by the vintage garden tractor co in 2017. Used for ploughing matches
Mr Christopher Neil 34 Massey Ferguson 1964 DOO 939B Bought from Weatherfield, spent its life in that area
Mr Chris Rush 35 Fordson Super Dexter New performance 1964 DHJ593B09D9 27912 On a friends farm for many years unused. Acquired in 2008. 2010/11 stripped completely, now as new.
Mr Michael Moore 36 Ford 3000 1965-1966 This is made from 2 Ford 3000’s tractors coupled together in a similar wayto the Ernest Doe DDD tractor. This conversion was carried out completely by the owner which is a very clever piece of work and a great achievemnt. It has been ploughing recently which was the the time in field conditions and went very well. this is a 94 HP tractor
Mr David Parsons 37 Massey Ferguson 1965 NVW 166C Non multi power. Used in ploughing matches and road runs.
Mr Alex Lyle 38 Massey Ferguson 165 1967 GJE 744E Very popular in it’s day with general farm work, ploughing, trialer work, drilling and harrowing. Now used for ploughing matches.
Mr David Bolton 39 Massey Ferguson 135 1968 81152 Used on farms for all sort of jobs. Trailer work, much scrapping, harrowing and ploughing. Now used at ploughing matches.
Mr Mark Riley 40 Massey Ferguson 135 1971 DYB 708J The 100 series were heralded as the “Red Giants” when they were announced at the 1964 Smith Show. The tractors sported the iconic square design that makes them one of the most recognizable machines of the last 60 years.
Mr Tom Lanham 41 Massey Ferguson 135 1974 With present owner for a long time. So far work has been carried out on the wiring, gauges, temperature gauge, altinator, steering parts, new seat, painting work. All carrie dout in spare time which is very limited.
Mr Terence Stinson 42 Ford 3000 1974 GJN 412N This tractor was bought from a local farmer who was the sole owner from new. Used for inter row cultivation and spraying. I have had this tractor since 1997 which I tidied up and now use for ploughing matches and charity events.
Mr Ian Emery 43 Ford 2600 1975 OKM 587P This tractor was purchased part restored from a sale in 2017. Ongoing work still in progress. The 600 series of tractors was launched in 1975 to replace the previous Ford Force models.
Mr Stephen Bolton 44 Muir Hill 129 1975 HBJ 350N 120 HP used for cultivation and ploughing a lot. Was used on stone cart putting stone in the trench behind the trainer.
Mr Martin Edwards 45 Ford 6600 1977 XPU265 A local tractor from new, I have given the tractor a light restoration to keep it in good order.
Mr Robert Metson 46 Doppstadt 1982 This is a German made 160HP 4WD tractor
Mr Ben Edwards 47 Ford 7710 1986 Q486 BCY Recently bought from Hampshire, originally from Holland but imported back in 2003 by a fermer in Cambridge. Currently undergoing light restoration
Mr Ian Giblin 48 Ford 3600 1978 SPU517W Ford 3600 which has just undergone and full nut and bolt resoration since the tractor was purchased in bits in August 2017. It was supplied new by Ernest Doe and Sons and has spent the last 30 years of its life operating within 1 mile of the Ulting depot until acquired.
Mr John McDowell 49 Ford FW60 1984 B497 WHJ The first FW60 tractors came to England in 1980 this particular one is 1984 it has Cummings V8 engine of 335HP. The tractor was sold by Ernest Doe & son to Essex Farms Cooperative group. The current owner, John, first had a ride in it when he was 13 years old. He rather faniced finding it and subsequentially purchased it.
Mr Ian Giblin 50 Ford 7810 1992 J328 BPU The 10 series came out in 1981 with a further improved Super Q can being introduced with the Ford Force Series II model in 1985. Then in 1989 the penultimate generation III series was launched, which bought in a digital dash and the first main use of eletronics in a Ford tractor range. 2018 marks the 30th year since Ford 7810 was launched. Ian Giblin’s 7810 series III dated May 1992 is one of the very last of a linage from the original 1000 series from 1964 and marked the end of an era at Basildon tractor factory when the 40 series came out. The 7810 was the most popular model in the 10 series range, having a 6 cylinder engine, which was very capable in a mid sized tractor. This is a local Chelmsford tractor that was sold when nearly new by Ernest Doe and was acquired in 2017 and is undergoing minor cosmetic restoration

Make Serial number Year Description Driver Steersman
Aveling and Porter 8837 1917 Aveling & Porter Royalty no 8837 A 10 ton BS type steam roller delivered new to ECC in Sept 1917. The roller worked around various locations in Essex including Heybridge, Danbury Chelmsford and Newport. Worked by the council until 1961 when it was sold for scrap to Arthur Clark who sold it on to Bent Taylor of Wimbish. The engine worked on contract for ECC for another 2 years before entering preservation in 1964. The engine has just completed a major restoration after having major boiler works. Daniel Chidgey Kimberly Jenkins
Aveling & Barford A.C. 621 Built in 1937 new to Staines U.d.C. Then in 1960 bought by C.J. Brown of Rayne still family owned. W Childs Yvonne Childs
Burrell 2013 4″ Agricultural Burrell miniature built by owner from steam traction world kit Simon Bosworth Simon Bosworth
Sentinel 5335 1924 M Retman H Retman
Burrell 3923 New at Royal Show Cambridge in 1922. Used for contract threshing until 1948 by the family. Restored in 1965
Scammell Lorry 1954 New to Barry Wiggins in 1954, used to haul tar with tanker body. Converted to ballast tractor in 1970’s Myke Ready Belinda Ready
Roller, Avelin & Porter 11236 Roads to Show, new fire box 2006. with Current owner since 1980 Jim Gordon
Wallis & Stevens Roller
Both engines rebuilt by D Birkumshaw Derek Birkumshaw Terry Birkumshaw
Stanley 23612 Stanley stream car seven seat open tourer. Made in America in 1923 and went to Austrailia until 2004 then came to England for restoration by owner and friends Bernard Green Jeremy Freeman
Burrell 3106 New to Parris’ of Ongar and spent its life threshing. It has since had 3 owners and has now joined “Dreadnought” for threshing duties at Fengate Farm, Weeting Roger Adams
Wallis & Stevens 7372 New to Lord James Falconer. North Brook Dairy, Michel Devers. Worked for Wards Egbam, Surrey. Came to Rayne, Essex 1960 – 1980. Went to New Forest 1980. Bought back to Essex 2000, major boiler work carried out. roads by own power to most events. Paul Whipps Anita Candler
Alfred Dodman 4″ scale The Alfred dodmansingle crank compound engine of 1893 built by Dodman. No full size engine exists. Bruce Rice
Lorry 4″ Scale 1 2018 4″ scale lorry circa 1904, built by myself in 2 years. L vince
Ransoms 23266 1910 Ransoms used this engine in their works at Ipswich to move products around the workshop and dliver to customers Phil Retman
Aveling & Porter 12136 1928 Glen Prince Eleanor Firmstone
Case 1005 1982 One of a pair built in Manitiba, Canada in 1982. Bought in 2003 & shipped over. Rallied ever since Terry Martin Gavin Martin
Burrell 3835 1920 Built 1920. Sold to Alf Payne. 1923 Sold to Anderton & rowlan. Bought for preservation in 1949 from Flo Symonds. Viv Kirk donated the engine to Charles Burrell Museum in 2008 R.Stock