See Nick Smiths 1918 Fordson, Peter Webb’s Ward and Silver harvest wagon or Ian Giblins Ford 6600, we have everything old and interesting here (and we aren’t talking about the owners!)

The huge variety of vintage tractors, steam engines and stationary traction engines are all on show for you and the family to see, it’s amazing seeing these amazing machines how they would have looked in their glory days.

Type Title Name Surname Peg No Make Year Serial No Description
Vintage Tractors Mr Nick Smith 1 Fordson 1918 This tractor was built in February 1918 in america and was one of 2000 sent to britain to help farmers produce more food during the war. The Fordson F was the worlds first mass produced tractor.
Vintage Tractors Mr Peter Webb 2 Dobbs 1922 Norfolk Harvest Wagon
Vintage Tractors Mr Gary Moores 3 Caterpillar Ten 1932 PT4898 The 16th Caterpillar Ten from the end of production, one of the last to be built had full restoration
Vintage Tractors Mr Gavin Martin 4 Caterpillar 22 1937 1J322W The CAT has spent all of its life in New Zealand and was part of a large collection. The owner stopped farming and sold his collection. Several CATS were shipped over to the UK in 2016. I bought the CAT in July 2017, it is a pertrol parafil version.
Vintage Tractors Mr David Wall 5 John Deere ‘B’ 1941 JNO 998 Arrived from USA under the, then, lease/lend scheme. Supplied new to Holly Lodge Farm, Lawford, Manningtree, Essex. Retired & retained for presentation late 70’s. Restored and rebuilt early 90’s. It has a water cooled two cylinder engine of 2 3/4 litles, supplied as a rowcrop tractor
Vintage Tractors Mr Brian Gilbey 6 Fordson Standard N 1941 T19 203R Fordson standard N on stell spade lugs. First sold by Darby of Wickford. Runs on petrol/parafin. Spent it’s working life around Hullbridge
Vintage Tractors Mr Eric Burling 7 Massey Ferguson 1947 MTW 639
Vintage Tractors Mr Jed Wells 8 Fordson E27N 1947 DRX 713 Fordson Major E27N. Petrol. Fitted with Darlington winch
Vintage Tractors Mr A. J. Giblin 9 Massey-Harris 744PD 1948 OPU 374 This tractor was purchased in 1973 lying derelict in a stackyard at Cuffley, Herts. It is the 27th of these to be made. It was made in Canada except the engine as they all have Perkins P6 45 h.p. engines – these were fitted in Machester.
Vintage Tractors Mr Gavin Martin 10 Ferguson TEA 1948 HCE811 I have owned the Ferguson since July 1989 it had spent its life around the great Hellisbury area and it is now used for grass cutting, hole boring, ploughing, cultivating on our small holding.
Vintage Tractors Mr A. J. Giblin 11 Fordson Major E27N P6 1951 AFL 950 This tractor was made at Fords Dagenham factory on 8/7/51 and fitted with a Perkins P6 engine on the assembly line. It is 45 h.p. has 3 forward gears and 1 reverse and has hydraulics.
Vintage Tractors Mr Jimmy Waters 12 Ferguson 1952 LRM180 Tractors has worked in many countries from Cumbria to Lincoln & Cambridge. It has been in my ownership for th epast 13 years.
Vintage Tractors Mr Barry Halls 13 Ferguson Ted20 1952 ONG361 Spent it’s working life on Sandringham Estate. The tractor is fitted with a lighting kit and Howard reduction gear box. I am the second owner.
Vintage Tractors Mr David Martin 14 Minneapolis Moline 1953 392XUS Bought from Canada 2002 in rough condition, got engine running, stripped paintwork and repainted, rallied ever since
Vintage Tractors Mr Sam Wessell 15 Ferguson TEF20 1954 989ATW Bought in late 2017 and restored through the winter
Vintage Tractors Mr Eric Smith 16 Ferguson The Best 1955 TSU 848
Vintage Tractors Mr Stephen Bolton 17 Ferguson FE35 1957 PNV 858 Built for one year only 1956-1957, it was the forefunner to the Massey Ferguson 35. Still gets used cutting grass
Vintage Tractors Mr Graham Lowden 18 AU15 Chalmers D270 1957 YAH 220 Tractor spent working time on Fonland Farm hoeing sugarbeet, only produced for 2 years between 1957 and 1959 superceeded by tag D272
Vintage Tractors Mr R Cooper 19 Man 1958 720UYW 4 stroke 2 cylinders, appox 30 HP (20kw) it was put into an auction in 1960 near Preston, how it got there is unknown.
Vintage Tractors Mr Ian Emery 20 Fordson P Major 1958 369 HPA The power major was the first forson tractor to break the 50 hp barrier with the shortest run of all the Dagengham built Fordsons from 1957 to the last one off the production line in 1960. the Power Majors greatest claim to fame is that it was used to make the first commercially available dual – drive tractor the forerunner to Does Triple D
Vintage Tractors Mr Eddie Wharton 21 Massey Ferguson 65 1959 2521AC Onwed by E Wharton over 20 years. Had a respray by the vintage garden tractor co in 2017. Used for ploughing matches
Vintage Tractors Mel Robarts 22 Fordson 1961 NEP 562 Fordson Dexta used for road runs
Ford Mr Ian Giblin 23 Fordson Dexta 1963 793 KOO Purchased in August 2014 from a local farm in Witham, where the tractor had been driven by the late Reginald chapman for over 50 years. The tractor was bought second hand from local Dealer Does of Ulting, when it was around one year old and road registered at the time on April 24th 1963
Vintage Tractors Mr Christopher Neil 24 Massey Ferguson 1964 DOO 939B Bought from Weatherfield, spent its life in that area
Vintage Tractors David Robarts 25 Massey Ferguson 1966 HUO 132D Massey Ferguson 203, used at ploughing matches and road runs
Vintage Tractors Mr David Bolton 26 Massey Ferguson 165 1967 GJE 744E Nice size tractor of its day. Very usable for a lot of different jobs, very popular
Vintage Tractors Mr Mark Riley 27 Massey Ferguson 135 1971 DYB 708J The 100 series were heralded as the “Red Giants” when they were announced at the 1964 Smith Show. The tractors sported the iconic square design that makes them one of the most recognizable machines of the last 60 years.
Vintage Tractors Mr Richard Wells 28 Leyland 804 1972 ONK454L
Vintage Tractors Mr Robert Wells 29 Leyland 804 1972 Q661MKH
Vintage Tractors Mr Alex Lyle 30 Massey Ferguson 1200 1974 VMR 237M The made 2061. 1200’s it’s a late 100 horse power FWD. Can turn in its own cirle. Very popular in the 1070’s
Vintage Tractors Mr Terence Stinson 31 Ford 3000 1974 GJN 412N This tractor was bought from a local farmer who was the sole owner from new. Used for inter row cultivation and spraying. I have had this tractor since 1997 which I tidied up and now use for ploughing matches and charity events.
Vintage Tractors Mr Ian Emery 32 Ford 2600 1975 OKM 587P This tractor was purchased part restored from a sale in 2017. Ongoing work still in progress. The 600 series of tractors was launched in 1975 to replace the previous Ford Force models.
Vintage Tractors Mr Ben Edwards 33 Ford 6600 1977 XPU 6265 Ford 6600 Currently undergoing a light restoration
Vintage Tractors Mr David Parsons 34 John Deere 3130 1979 HPV 165VG Bought in May 2012. Used on the road to collect horse manure. New tyres all around
Vintage Tractors Mr Richard Wells 35 Leyland 1982 CNG29Y
Vintage Tractors Mr John McDowell 36 Ford FW60 1984 B497 WHJ The first FW60 tractors can to england in 1080 this particular one is 1984 it has Cummings V8 engine of 335HP. The tractor was sold by Ernest Doe & son to Essex Farms Cooperative group. The current owner, John, first had a ride in it when he was 13 years old.
Ford Mr Ian Giblin 37 Ford 7810 1992 J328 BPU The 10 series can out in 1981 with a further improved Super Q can being introduced with the Ford Force Series II model in 1985. then in 1989 the penultimate generation III series was launched, which bought in a digital dash and the first mainuse of elcetronics in a Ford tractor range. 2018 marks the 30th year since Ford 7810 was launched.Ian Giblin’s 7810 series III dated May 1992 is one of the very last of a linage from the original 1000 series from 1964 and marked the end of an era at Basildon tractor factory when the 40 series came out. The 7810 was the most popular model in the 10 series range, having a 6 cylinder engine, which was very capable in a mid sized tractor. this is a local Chelmsford tractor that was sold when nearly new by Ernest Doe and was acquired in 2017 and is undergoing minor cosmetic restoration

Type Title  Name Surname Peg No Make Year Serial No Description
Barn Engines Mr Scott Sargeant Lister D Type 1939 Was purchased from a farm in West Bergholt. The engine was used on the farm to run a conveyor belt.
Barn Engines Mr Scott Sargeant Scammel 1949 This engine is part of a water pump from a fire engine.
Barn Engines Mr Martin Baxter BSA 1958 Model B BSA model B MG driving a grindstone.
Barn Engines Mr Dave Firmin Lister D 1933 Lister D. Driving 1874 Bentall Chaff Cutter
Barn Engines Mr P. & Miss M. Meadows Lister D 1952 This engine will be driving an air compressor and a display of steam/air models.
Barn Engines Mr A. R. Catling Lister A 1928 70482 Lister engine. Barn find. Not used for 35 years. Header tank and petrol tank replaced only. Still a runner
Barn Engines Mr Lee Parrish Petter WIH 1950
Barn Engines Mr Lee Parrish Fodden Steam Lorry 3″ 1940
Barn Engines Richard Willcocks Bramford EGKZ 1957 Bramford stationary engine manufactured in 1957 2 1/4 HP driving a climax water pump believed to be 1933
Barn Engines Mr David Smith Stuart Turner 1944 Model R3 fuel petrol 2 stroke. HP11/2 RPM 1500. Small marine engine use not known possible for small charging set.
Barn Engines Mr David Smith Stuart Turner 1968 Model R3ME fuel petrol 2 stoke Marine engine fitted with forward and reverse gearbox for use in small boats and yachts.
Barn Engines M JB Smith Wallace Glasgow 1922-1924 seen here driving a JLC pump 250 gallons per hour. Used to drive a sausage machine at a butcher shop in Ongar Essex.
Barn Engines Mr McCarter Petter M 1934 3HP. Driving a lighting board
Barn Engines Mr McCarter Wolseley WD2 1956 Driving a compressor with a table of mammod/Wilsco steam engine